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Silte headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Antique and rare headrest
Afar headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient Afar headrest
Gurage headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Antique Guragé headrest
Gurage headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient Gurage headrest
Kaffa headrest (Ethiopie)/SOLD
Ancient headrest with nice patina
Jile headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Very rare headrest
Wallo headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient and rare headrest
Ogaden/Somali headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient and beautiful headrest Ogaden/Somali
Jimma headrest (Ethiopia)SOLD
Rare Jimma headrest
Afar headrest (Ethiopia)SOLD
Ancient and rare Afar headrest
Somali headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient and rare Somali headrest (Ogaden region, Ethiopia)
Jilé-Karayu headrest (Ethiopia) SOLD
Very rare and antique headrest Jilé or Karayu
Arbore headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient headrest/stool from the Omo Valley (Ethiopia)
Turkana headrest (Kenya)/SOLD
nice and ancient headrest...
Gudji headrest (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient and rare Gudji headrest
Boni-Somali headrest (Ethiopia)SOLD
Ancient and rare Boni or Somali headrest...