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Grebo chair
Nice and rare chair
480.00 €
Ambo chair (Ethiopia)
Rare chair of priest
950.00 €
Jimma chair (Ethiopia)
Rare Jimma chair
650.00 €
Ambo chair (Ethiopia)
Ancient Ambo chair
550.00 €
Ambo chair (Ethiopia)
Old Ambo chair
550.00 €
Asante stool (Ghana)/SOLD
Ancient Asante stool of marriage
Bamileke stool (Cameroon)
Ancient stool with a nice patina...
650.00 €
Baule seat (Ivory coast)
Seat with a buffalo head
450.00 €
Lobi stool (Burkina faso)/SOLD
Ancient Lobi stool with a face...
Kambata stool (Ethiopia)
Old seat in hard wood
90.00 €
Kambata stool (Ethiopia)
Ancient Kambata stool in hard wood
90.00 €
Oromo chair (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient rare chair...
Dan chair (Ivory Coast) SOLD
Ancient Dan chair with a very nice patina