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Baule statue (Ivory Coast)
Antique Baule statue
650.00 €
Songye scepter (D.R. of Congo)
Rare scepter with three heads...
850.00 €
Zande statuette/SOLD
Rare statuette from Central Africa
Oba head from the kingdom of Benin (Nigeria)
Rare and old commemorative head of Oba in wood.
4,800.00 €
Fetish (Togo/Benin)
Fetish reproduced in our book : "Fétiches de l'ancienne Côte des esclaves"
750.00 €
Senufo statue (Ivory Coast)SOLD
Ancient senufo statuette seated
Ikenga Ibo (Nigeria)
Interesting Ikenga very stylized
380.00 €
Ashanti head (Ghana)
Ashanti head in terracotta
80.00 €
Yoruba ritual stool (Nigeria)
Very rare Yoruba stool
1,250.00 €
Ekoi crest (Nigeria)
Impressive polychrome crest
1,450.00 €
Mossi statuette (Burkina faso)
Rare miniature doll
190.00 €
Kongo statue (DR of Congo)/SOLD
Antique statue Kongo
Lobi statue (Burkina faso)/SOLD
Ancient and rare statue
Dogon stool (Mali)/SOLD
Antique Dogon stool with many sculptures...
Pfemba of Congo
Rare maternity "Pfemba"
Baule statuette (Ivory coast)/SOLD
Beautiful black ritual patina
Songye statue (D.R. Congo)/SOLD
Ancient Songye fetish