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Senufo mask (Ivory Cost)

Reference - M60

Ancient Senufo mask "Kagba"

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Ancient Senufo mask (Ivory Coast) of the "Kâgba" type, representing a frightening animal with an open mouth... 

It is also composed of the head of a hornbill which is probably eating a frog.

This type of mask was not worn directly by a dancer, but was part of an important and spectacular apparatus (the mask being animated like a puppet). It is of course reminiscent of the famous helmet mask of the Senufo people called "fire-eater".

A rather close copy is reproduced in "l'art sacré sénoufo", by Bohumil Holas, page 310.

Wood with a sacrificial patina and crusty in places, traces of red paint.

Length: 75 cm


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