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Koranic plate (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient koranic plate
Baule ointment pot (Ivory coast)
Ancient Baule with a nice sculpture...
650.00 €
Djimini pulley (Côte d'Ivoire)
Djimini pulley collected in 1940s...
750.00 €
Toposa shield (South of Sudan)
Ancient shield with nice painting...
950.00 €
Spoon (Ethiopia)
Nice spoon in wood...
60.00 €
Coffee mortar (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient mortar with a nice patina
Lobi bracelet (Burkina faso)/SOLD
Bracelet with snake
Senufo pulley (Ivory Coast)/SOLD
Pulley with calao head
Knife (Rep. Demo. of Congo)/SOLD
Ancient knife of rare form...
Hunter tunic Dogon (Mali)/SOLD
Ancient and nice hunter tunic dogon or bamana
Copt Cross (Ethiopie)/SOLD
Antique wooden cross...
Wuli shield (Cameroon) SOLD
Ancient Wuli shield from Cameroon
Ancient little Dogon door (Mali)/SOLD
Old Dogon shutter with its lock.
Nuna whistle (Burkina faso)SOLD
Very nice Nuna whistle.
Dan spoon (Ivory Coast)SOLD
Ancient spoon Dan
Boni/Somali spoon (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient Somali spoon...
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