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pierluigi peroni collection
Now available !
45.00 €
Headrests from the Horn of Africa
The book is now out of print, 10 copies are still in stock!
75.00 €
Tekalegn Besepa collection
This book is a homage to an ethiopian art collector and an merchant : Tekalegn Besepa by his friend Pascal Joannes.
38.00 €
Metgé and Bordier lobi collection
A collection of small statuettes Lobi...
Authors : Florence Metgé & Emmanuel Bordier
32.00 €
senufo pulleys collection
A collection of pulley from senufo of Mali... Author : Cyrille Morgoulis
38.00 €
3.50 €
3.50 €
antique dogon-soninké statuette
Antique Dogon /Soninké male statuette
Dogon stool (Mali)/SOLD
Antique Dogon stool with many sculptures...
Copt Cross (Ethiopie)/SOLD
Antique wooden cross...
5.50 €
Kambata stool (Ethiopia)/sold
Ancient Kambata stool in hard wood
Oromo chair (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient rare chair...
Coffee mortar (Ethiopia)/SOLD
Ancient mortar with a nice patina
Hunter tunic Dogon (Mali)/SOLD
Ancient and nice hunter tunic dogon or bamana
Kambata headrest (Ethiopie)/SOLD
Ancient headrest with a nice patina...
Bamana mask (Mali)/SOLD
Ancient Ntomo Bamana mask
Nuna whistle (Burkina faso)SOLD
Very nice Nuna whistle.